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Pop It

[verse 1]

Yo, who want it with us, y'all niggas not fuckin wit us

Y'all hoppin nimrods, we holdin on up under the truck

We caked out, we all got cars so when we wake up in the mornin

We race out, but first blow the place out

It gets outrageous, to all my thug niggas throw your sets up

And spit y'all razors

I hop in to spin out, i'm the opposite of h2o

So in the year 2000 the lights woulda never went out

Plus i rock ice, it drips on my boot, i shake it off

Cuz i'm fire, so every few seconds, i take it off

I'm lightweight, i let y'all throw them dumbbells

I just throw back them dumb dumb shells to make y'all run well

I shoot dummies, blast backs

Money gassed up while i'ma open this tank, yo pass me the shank

I blackout, swipe em like a credit card til i max out

And that's just to, let y'all know that drag is back now

Hook 2x: icepick jay

Now all my motherfuckin peoples say yeah yeah

Now all my motherfuckin thugs say yeah yeah

Now all my motherfuckin ladies say yeah yeah

Yeah yeah throw your hands in the air, c'mon

[verse 2]

Y'all keep pushin that wack shit out there y'all unable

Drag's like jumper cables, negative and a positive

Y'all aint gon feel shit til y'all get alot of this

I don't care about y'all hatin niggas my moms is part of this

She looks ???????????????????????????

Cuz i drop them hits that make y'all chumps don't drop shit

Drag straps up when he get up in his women

Put somethin long in the booty have em switchin different

I snatch niggas wife to show em the light

Give em dick then i'm hittin the switch

And while she snorin she don't know i'm gone by the mornin

Back to the corner, til that blue van come up, my hands is cuffed uhh

Whose fingers stay numb from rollin up

Who finger fucks chicks til they throwin up

Whose fingerprints cops keep showin up

Cuz who that kid always ride and is throwin truck

Hook 2x

[verse 3]

Yo, yo, i just take a strong pull and strike the match on niggas

I spit lit candles and drop hot wax on niggas

My middle name jason

That means i'm capable of throwin a mass on and axe niggas

Y'all better ax(ask) niggas

First name mel, i mean that's what them checks say

When they come in the mail, make bank tellers cum on theyself

Count it fast ma, we all professionals here

How's it feel knowin i'm walkin outta here

With what you get in a year

I'm rude to a bitch, but y'all niggas, get out the street

Act like you don't see this black jeep, and get some flat feet

Y'all rock gators, we straight problems

We rock our timbs half o's, laces like our dogs got em

Fuck it, for 2 minutes, let em play wit a new pair

I got enough spares to flood the block with footwear

Pockets like a blimp, shit it's been a good year

Where my ruff ryders, we still in here

Hook 4x

Pop It /

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