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Opposite Of H2o

[verse 1]

Yo this nigga drag-on burn niggas, flame niggas, potch niggas

Sautee niggas, skin scorch niggas

You could be any complexion, black, caucasian

We spit razors in kiloid faces

Like ear to ear, eye to eye, lights out

Cross the throat, couldn't say you gave her mouth to mouth

Better keep your teeth togehther cuz when we put our heat togehther

We tie em up with they vest and hit em up all in they chest

We stack ones, trick on bitches, fuckin bitches

Leavin bitches, don't have no problem buckin bitches

I kill a chick steal from my crib

Right in front of her child, with no feel for the kid

Gon kill that bitch

Not now, but right now, go 'head nigga, do it!

Blau! all up in her nightgown

Feed the crib, fed description, kid wit no meat on his rib

But keep the heat by it, so when y'all creep keep quiet

Hook: jadakiss

You can stand the fuck up if you fire your gun nigga

But sit the fuck down you aint firin one nigga

Yeah we set fire in cribs, and fire in whips

Y'all niggas use the fire when you cookin your bricks

Other niggas use the fire when they lightin they spliff

I want my tires on fire when i'm pushin a whip

I put my block on fire with the product i sell

It's the opposite of h2o, hotter than hell

[verse 2]

While y'all niggas pop the mo', i inhale smoke out the optimo

Choke, hydro til it's time to go

Cheeba my smoke, i plays ping pong

If y'all hooked on phonics, that mean here's ten buy your own chronic

We buy cars, 4, dot after it, get gas in it

Go fasten it, then crash in it

Me and jadakiss, truck kiddin with the chip

Burnin up and make em..., sorry officers i only got my permit

To the fake cats, who shank niggas, break bats

Stay 'woke, cuz make hats, take naps

Put him to sleep faster than a needle

I come with four niggas stuffed in the beetle

With some bats and beat you

You a bad bitch i had to meet you, had to pop it

Bounce, before i fuck broads i unlock it

And back to the block to check the spot quick

We snatch niggas reups and hit em for they bodies

Tell em keep the profits


[verse 3]

Yo, first it's drag, dash, on

Then it's the cash, fuck it all i've been in cabs

Not alone, but with the mask, with the heat

Drop me on 42nd street, quickly

With the crackers, tell em pack it, out they pockets

Hurry up, all this walkin around i'm gonna stop it

This gun i'm gonna pop it

Cuz at this time 12 pm my gun is all you might be seein

If you sight seein

You might be in, a hearse, then casket, then church

Then you aten(eaten) by the maggots

Fuck you hatin bastards

It's over for y'all niggas once drag take his mask then

Y'all know it's straight platinum

Earth, wind, water, the 4th yo, is the opposite of h2o

That's one of the elements i use to melt the mic

Ryde or die, well we gon ruff ryde and keep the family tight


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