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Groundhog Day

Everyday is the same day

Its groundhog day, its groundhog day

Verse 1:

Wake up in the morning wipe the cold from my eyes

Put my dick in, grab the ashtray and take a tote from the lye

Hear the folks outside, kids cutting school

Grab the remote play the hot shit of course my shit

Steam up the bathroom till the mirrors fog

Can't wait to ball, with my niggas god

Dry off splash on the izzi miak

Cut up the rock, head for the door oops forgot

You know i can't leave my chrome thats my love jones

Niggas in front of the building niggas making a killing

But when i come through niggas catching they feelings

Cuz the fiends follow who cuz my bottles be spilling

I can hear em now "what'd he get a ship from brazil?"

"its gotta be good look at the fiends leaving they children"

And thats fucked up niggas mad cuz my pockets bucked up

With my clique pull the truck up

Yo hold up, let me get this dough before it slow up

Then we can go see about some ass and go cut some hash

This bundle is my last jump in the ride whats that

Dmx shit go head put it on my shit

Dmx:(from look thru my eyes)

Burning in hell, but don't deserve to be

Got niggas i don't even know that wanna murder me

Drag: every day is the same day

Just because they heard of me and they know that

The dark is for real, the bark is for real

When you see that spark it'll kill

Verse 2:

Ayo, go down to the fifth, aight

You know where d and them be standing thick

Fucking wit them chicks that strip and niggas that claim they spit

But all i hear is they want out like i got my gun out

Cuz they rhymes run out, running off at the mouth

Yo ralph lets be out, back to the bx

Royal blue chevy followed by the gs

Keep the guns heavy just in case some b.s.

Cuz niggas like to test me should i say he rest

Hop on the celly, yo hit the deacon

This nigga say he ain't got my money and i just don't believe him

So we gonna give him a little scare

Let him know whats love is love but with my slugs its no fair

And how the soldiers come out of nowhere for the dollars

And how we keep our products i'm a holla, tomorrow

Cuz for some reason its always a hater around

Then you know me, duffing em out and busting em down

Then i drop off my nigga, pick up my chick up

Cuz she volunteer dick suck, with a little liquor

Just watch out for her mister, now i'm in the crib

Twisting out her rib

Didn't hear the baby father coming with the kids

Now i'm in some shit, and the closets un-roomy

Plus to me thats unruly

So i played like a robber running out flashing a tooly

Got undressed when i got home didn't let nobody in

Then i woke up the next morning the same shit happened again

Everyday is the same day

Its groundhog day (till end)

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