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Down Bottom (video Version/remix)

[juve] mmmm hmmmmm

[drag] ha ha hah

Oh! damn, now bop to this

Yeah, uhh, uhh, y'all know what this is (flame on)

Juvenile, drag-on (flame on)

And now.. swizz swizz beats, yea!


Me and my niggaz done licked shots, even done hit cops

Betcha niggaz can't wait til my shit drop

Treat you like your momma, give you lip a pop

Nigga you don't want my clip to drop

Cause that means i'm empty, and you're full of it

Check what the bullet did

Missiles gonna hit you get you, rip through tissue

Shoot another rhyme just cause i missed you

I make plus cash, you little niggaz can't fuck wit drag

Got the chain out, so his muscle grabs

Nigga fuck that, you better bust back

'fore ya monkey-ass land where the dust at

Ride like the girl but you can't trust cash

Spit line of fire and he can't touch black

All you can do is cuss back

In your weak raps bout how you bust gats

Nigga we don't need that, i don't care about your feedback

Y'all niggaz don't feed drag

Til a motherfucker pull out, bust a bullet out

In the safe house, nigga where the keys at

Nigga where the stash at, nigga where the weed at

Nigga pass that 'fore i pull my trigger

Matter fact where the ass at, cause i got the "rough rider"

And i ain't talkin bout my niggaz

Cause nigga we can go hoe for hoe, toe to toe, blow for blow

And when you feel your nose crack

That mean i broke that, i fill a po'-po' wit a flame thrower

Like i told yo' befo' ya know umm - you can't handle

You can put me on wax but my fire burn candles

And who that nigga ruff rydin, drag-on

Y'all niggaz and southsiders

Chorus: drag-on + various (repeat 2x)

Do y'all niggaz bust y'all guns?

(hell yeah we bust our guns!!)

Do y'all fuck them til they cum?

(damn right we make them cum!!)

It's for the north (hey) south (hey)

East (hey) west (hey)

Ruff ryders gonna show y'all niggaz who ride the best

(yung wun)


This is a stick up

Hoes get lit up

Niggaz get split up

Because souths in the house tonight

So crank it up

For the one double nine nine

How many niggaz still trying to grind

But my name they gonna shine

????? as i pull up wit my green fellar

Wasting no time

I gotta get mine

And if u ever

Nigga stopping whut i am trying to do

I ll make you suffer

Cuz i aint got no love for you

Nigga my crew carry fully automatics

Mix wit street like a matics

And if you make a mistake thats tragic

My niggaz prey on bad habbits

And we aint to be fucked with

Nigga we split shit for the love of

Green im all in

Ruff ryding this bitch

Theres gonna be consequences and reprecutions

Up in this bitch

Fuckin wit this ds clicque

On some of that stop drop shit

Wit drag-on

But ya wants who i be

Make the shit not what i see

From the down south to ny

Nigga shots

Every nigga i run wit bust guns

So if ya niggaz bust ya gunz

Lets get down and dirty

And if you cut em till they cum

Welll... ya niggaz heard em



When my niggaz get knocked we gonna bail them out

When it come to my gun my shells is out

You better get the message, cause i done mailed it out

That i'ma bang it like a hammer and i'ma nail the south

East west, and write letters for my niggaz up north

My guns made in china, so you better dust off

Comin to getcha, you gon' bleed ketchup, i always got cheddar

I never ass bet ya, and i won't even sweat ya

You won't roll four and better

My dough is never low, but if drag is down on his last

I'ma reach in my sweater, bet my baretta

Make a nigga feel the heat in the cold weather

Can't stand a nigga hype, throw me his bitch

Bitch come to my shit, you betta come get her

Be like a dog with a bone i run with her

Y'all make me so tired

Y'all niggaz still rappin like you don't know my flow is fire

And y'all ain't got ya suits, ain't got ya boots

Probably gotta gun that ain't never shoot

When we come you better hope they don't name you

Cause like two sticks rubbin i'll flame you

Don't try to be me cause i ain't you

'fore i have your spirit with the angels

My shorty keep a gun on the ankles

Wanna fuck? watch out she'll bang you

Cause i taught her well, y'all players better haul to hell

But you niggaz couldn't borrow a belt

Whoever wit you is goin to jail

Do you niggaz bust your guns? oh you ain't bustin none, huh?

You wanna fuck em til they cum, huh?

Drag-on, juvenile, double r, what you want huh?

Chorus 2x

Down Bottom (video Version/remix) /

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