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Drag Shit

[Verse 1]

I make my block move like earthquakes, they call me sandman

Cuz while I smoke this up, I got coke to cut

Leavin niggas so doped up, they chokin off they throw up

Can't even see straight, leanin like they need V8

Nigga call a g eighth, jail I can't see me in

A year's too long it's only shorter you got three in

I run with niggas on the run from 25

Y'all only heard me for 18 months, already I wanna spray shit up

Keep braggin about your cars I'ma see drama before it happens

When I roll up hard, you wonder what the fuck cab I'm in

Cuz I can pop up and peel back and all I can promise is peel caps

With holes, like the bullets was damn near pose

I see your Lex duped out, your sunroof's out

Now look at me droppin three in your dome two to your mouth

Leave a nigga head blowin his horn, with his signals on

Don't lie before a snitch call cops I'm fall blocks

See I spit hard cuz I know that's what y'all want

Y'all aint said it first, I'm droppin with a odor out my trunk

Now what the hell is that, you smell that?

All you see is a shoelace teared up from the back

Like I'm fishtailin a Ac

And who I sound like? C'mon dog my voice drown mics

But nigga don't compare, stop talkin and come here

You know where I be at, BX and nigga bring that

I already got mine, the only difference I pop mine nigga

HOOK: Styles Paniro

Ruff Ryder nigga, carry the pound

Get engaged with these bullets, then marry the ground

Drag dash On the fire is real

We don't talk about guns, we will pop our steel

You don't sound like us, get down like us

Make a nigga mom frown like us, we Ruff Ryde

Til I say enough died, I'ma still bust mine

Finished with the pound, then I'm startin with the nine

[Verse 2]

I don't sound close to niggas, niggas runnin around

Rollercoasting niggas, I make post of niggas

When I put the toast to niggas

Let me see y'all niggas run, cuz when I tote float niggas

And deep throat niggas

Spit flame, drop of a dime, drop of a quarter

I'm the real reason why niggas rush the border

They dont plea 'bout they freedom, they just wanna see him

So I can speak words to tease em, and mislead em

To have 'em smuggle me guns, smuggle me drugs

Fuckin with thugs, cuttin niggas up just out of love

Drag buy guns in New York, hell naw!

I got cubans send me cuban cigars for these bars

So fuck y'all cuz all I could tell y'all the rest is no tax

I'm fire so y'all could never be no macks

Last nigga touched that couldn't get his skin back

Came in in all white, left out in all black

When I pop mine, my bullets ignore stop signs

So when you feel a burnin sensation, know it's clock time

You know like 2 to 6, or 3 to 9

9 to 12 and under that, aint nothin but shells

Pick em up, throw em right at myself

Tell a kid this is for every bad month that daddy sent to hell

Those that wanna be like, shoulda just been Mike

And when you see me in the streets, we could do it like Nike


Drag Shit /

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