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Whats It All About

Yeah, Opposite of H2O y'know

Whats it all about

whats it all about

whats it all about

whats it all about (2x)

Verse 1:

Its about Drag copping the bank or copping the Range

Laid up some where I ain't gotta be poppin them thangs

Cuz I already got the cash

So who would ever think you'll see Drag without his mask

Waitin for a vic to past

Its about Drag off the strip out the orphanage

Of course this is same kid

Coughin off the nics

What you see something different

All I keeps different is my woman no kids so a nigga chilling

Stay peeling, what are you kiddin money stacked to the ceiling

Chicks wit a frown see my rims spinning grinning

Fiends on the block

Still see my cane'll cop

Cause traffic on the block

Red, yellow, green top

While I'm bumping at the light in a mean drop

Turn it down cops coming burn the rubber now

Grimy nigga just wanna see the better thang

See what this cheddar bring

And listen to my niggas sing

Whats it all about (say it, say it)

Whats it all about (party people)

Whats it all about

Whats it all about (2x)

verse 2:

Its about what coke to flip what chick to hit

What bus to split

While y'all worry who whips the sick

Shit, I'm a trump type

Gimme a Denali and I'm happy

Wit something sitting in the seat sassy

And for me wouldn't mind getting her knees ashy

And for beef first on to get the heat to pass me

And its not about you acting like you God

Cuz I find that mighty hard

If you walking wit a bodyguard

Y'all cats is like ice when y'all stepping out ya Rols

Y'all see me in my over dressed clothes its like y'all froze


Whats It All About /

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