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Lets Talk About

[Eve] (Drag on)

Ugh (Come on uh)

Uh huh (Flame on uh come on uh)

Uh uh uh uh (Flame on uh come on uh)

Yo yo (uh uh)


Let's talk about who I am

Blondy find me in the hood with my peoples

Love y'all hate the rest of y'all that I can see through

Above that I can't feel nothin' unless it's lethal

Testin' your moves never that make no position fetal uh

[Drag on]

I wanna talk about Dog nigga, L-O-X, Eve, and me

Now that's the hottest thing in the streets

Are beats is Swizz

Cheesed up with holes in the shit

Like a log rolled thick

And ain't nothin' sweet but Drag-Eve tracks

Honey Roasted

Burn until its been around the hour, fuck that


Yo let's talk about

Platinum plaques, hangin' on my wall

See me decorated, she's the one

Heard 'em say it, see me celebrate

I pop shit when it's necessary, not for nothin'

I use clips for them big beefs

See me bustin', plow!


I wanna talk about bitches I fucked

I'm a dog so I can't stand no bitch that hounds

I far from a clown

If I'm not knocking them down, Drag's probably not around

So I'm not one to claim by either one of you dames

If y'all catch Drag with a mane, trust me

She got my last name

Here's the hook, uh


Now Drags gonna show yall niggas how we lock this shit


Now Eve gonna show y'all niggas how we drop these hits

[Drag-on] (Eve)

Now we gonna show y'all niggas how we pop this Cris

Drag (Eve) dash (Eve) on (Eve)


Now Drag-on will show ya niggas how we lock this shit


Now Eve gonna show y'all niggas

Lets Talk About /

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