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Cmon Cmon

(Verse 1)

(uh yeah yeah yeah c'mon c'mon)

When ya'll niggaz run on my block

You gonna get it

And that bitch you trying to pop

I done hit it

You still trying to find my style

You gonna get lost

And those that think they could touch

Gonna get torched

Make a flow to my gun

That'll go off

I'll do a hundred in the wind

On the turnpike

All you hear is wind wind wind

That's a dirt bike

And you can put them up and shut em up

Cuz when we get it up we hit em up

Hoes ain't good enough

My fires gonna make dust

Now who the one doing the talking?

Ya'll niggaz gonna split a coffin

And you can call that fifty-fifty

Break it down to the nitty gritty

Now what you see is whatcha gonna get

That's 5'8, dead weight, tone straight, your face

Now let me see you get away

Bob and weave back

Since when a nigga breathe through his back?

Now when it come to my shit

Better leave that

C'mon C'mon

Hook: Your hoe don't wanna be mine?

Better save your daughter

Your coke compared to mine?

Is baking soda

Ya'll niggaz wanna war?

Better send your soldiers

My life is on the line

For the new world order!

(Repeat once)

(Verse 2)

Soon I'ma flow over

Like (what) like water

When niggaz be drowning

Ya'll look smaller

I don't give a fuck what they might call ya

It could Mo or Cristal

I'll pour ya

I be dealing with the hype shit

I keep a tight clip

But only thing my bullet might slip

Growing up in these here streets

Is gritty

You don't do a lot of talking

In the city

It's pat pat pat -aca

Cmon Cmon /

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