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Ladies 2000

Uhh, my ladies, my ladies, uhh

HOOK: Who made me burn all of my numbers to bitches, you do

Who made me turn in early leave on my niggas, you do

Who do all the cooking at night in the kitchen, you do

Whoever say pussy don't talk to me, who do

I love these hoes, yeah I love these hoes

They make me do the things that I don't want to

You know let's go

[Verse 1]

I need a chick that when the drain clog, call me for plumbin

Call my name when she cummin, feel my tip, touch tummies

Split dutch, dump twenties

Pat my back when I choke

Don't ask for no totes til I say "Oh you smoke?"

I need a chick that gon drag for Drag

I mean she aint gotta be smart in math

And see my stacks down the ave

I went from jumpin cabs, to rottin with my niggas

And hooprags, to the Jags, no top, all glass

And y'all chicks with long hair, take a seat right here

So I can blow this wind through it and let my niggas see

It's all here

Pay for no hotels, I'm nuttin in the same chair

Front or the rear or while I'm clutchin the gears

I leave a chick sprung, I stop fuckin wit her

She act like it aint nuttin to her it aint nuttin to me

Long as I don't leave a nut in her

Used to be rebellin til she heard on Hot 97

Point uno but I still fuck wit you...


[Verse 2]

I spent alotta money on this mattress

So I can't stand a chick that give me wack sex

I just tell em they better go home and practice

Cuz if you frontin well you one hell of an actress

Tackle it, c'mon jump on it, throw your back in it

Let me know it's deep enough for me to stash cracks in it

And be realer she can beep when she come near me

Keep the gun by me, don't let bullshit run by me

And to my mamis, I speaks "Ven aqui" they come runnin like

Right now I don't care if they in they car they runnin lights

Intellectual type, more freaky than a hundred dikes

Armin her dogs but she got me like I don't wanna bite

I don't feel like goin to the studio I don't wanna write

Don't wanna fight, don't wanna fuck nobody else wife

No frontin boo for real all I really want is you

But you make me do things that I don't wanna do


[Verse 3]

Look at shorty with them things on, makin me feel like King Kong

That's why I keep a monkey on my arm when I'm playin Donkey Kong

Petiteness, I love Victoria, but aint no secret

It don't take a man that's strong to move over them thongs

Better yet, I'll even put it on, let me take care of this

When I'm eatin chick, I eatin like wear this

I love chicks with they braids pushed back

That look like four racetracks, now chase that

Cuz everybody wantin mine, taste of her tongue's like Duncan Hines

Can't stand another brother humpin mine only we can bump and grind

I don't care who was there before I laid there

For now I play here, and if she want me too I shave there

I'ma be around until there's gray hair, okay dear

And I'ma get you these books from Barnes and Noble's wait here

Then we can split shares

Computers and street smarts, mine sharp as a dart

While I'm climbin up the charts


Ladies 2000 /

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