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Yeahhh! You're listening to the sounds from the Boogie Down Bronx!

Kooool Keith!! Performing with Mean Jean Cordio the Grand Wizard

The Ill Brothers at the T Connection

Bust them flavors more rap styles than Life Savors

Damage kids with suits with champagne and fake alligators

I'm for the repercussion my style is bumrushin

MC's get back that black brother sound wack

A bust a new style grease your hair with NuNile

Do wrecks flex the Bronx fronters that step up next

New jacks can't rap, stomp your feet and make your hands clap

The kid is booboo, your screw up on the mic is doodoo

That's word to Mom Duke, you wack you get the boot

It's Casanova, Bronx Kid all over

Swift to shift top MC out to shoot the gift

Morisena Projects, my neighbors took your Rolex

You get action, talkin loud walkin up in Jackson

My little cousin Bronx crew's about to move on you

Yeahhh! Patterson Projects is in the house!

Webster's in the house! The Non is in the house!

Melrose is in the house! Jackson, is in the house!


I come real deal rap style back like Holyfield

Check em at the door, and watch crews with steel

With the L Brothers, we hittin freaks undercovers

to the left side, you on the back door

I got a OJ ready, with pink whitewalls

Ah yes yes y'all, and you don't stop the body rock

Cockblock my friends, you count tens in your Benz

Rappers know they toy, I blast your rhyme skill

kid yo, step up like Elroy

You know the steelo, from New York to Puerto Rico

You'll tell me bro... yeah, I'm Kool Keith chief

You been out two weeks

Don't try to ill, cause you're plastic no frill

Yeahhh! Next week at the P-A-L!!

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five!

Battling Kool Herc and the Herculoids

Afrika Bambaata and the Mighty Zulu Nation, Soulsonic and Cosmic

Be there! Two dollars before ten!

With special guests, the Cold, Crush, Brothers

1977 /

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