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Blue Flowers Revisited

Dr. octagon, paramedic focus on the east

For priests my anisthetics prescribe a certain fertilizer

Homegrown computer wise on the microphone

Utilizing tracks inverted by animical

High typical force, space sex intercourse

You get lost, and memorize to the enterprise

Scotty the captain, mr. spock keeps rappin

4212, the shit moves at warp speed

Dynamic 7, navigation of the coppers

Moving in crystals, operating lightspeed

I see the plants, they're growing

Blue flowers (2x)

Cyber analog through virtual reality

Different colors of earth rocks in variety

Medical equal, with helmets on the space people

Galactic at 8, the verdict can't demonstrate

You be confused, and disobeying planet rules

Biochemistry, with stars for publicity

Megasonic bass, with data chips in your face

Nuclear lend drums, that bang hard on dark tracks

Reacting reverb, concious spots on your nerve

I take a break like james brown to the bridge

*singing* sailing, takes me away

To wherever i'm really going.. shoobedowop

Up, up, and away!

In my beautiful, balloon!

Optical biofeedback, magnetic borders

X-ray you see skeletons fly north for the next day

We give passes covered with dioxalyn gases


*singing again* here's george jetson!

Back with intriguing positive minerals

You enter the center search and raiding at random

With no condom, no rubbers will reach the testicles

And effect em, by animal means, i'm in your spectrum

As i walk through the garden of orange tomatoes, i see

Blue flowers (3x)

Blue flowers... yes...

Blue Flowers Revisited /

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