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Twenty Yards Behind

(wilko johnson)

If you see my baby walking

I'm a walking by her side

Ain't no need to look too far

Because i won't be hard to find

I'm walkin twenty yards behind her

Cause i love the way she shakes behind

Everybody stops to see her

When my baby's out takin' a stroll

I see a traffic cop that flags

When a steam roller ran out of control

But when my baby walked by

He jumped up and shouted 'bless my soul'

Bless my soul

- break -

It's all much confusion in the town

When she's passing through

All the cars are going backwards

And the traffic lights change to blue

I'm walking twenty yards behind her

Cause i'm frightened of the damage she'll do

Dr. Feelgood

Twenty Yards Behind / Dr. Feelgood

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