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Baby Why Do You Treat Me This Way

(johnny guitar)

Since you tried to kill me i've got nothing to say

You sent some boys around to blow my kneecaps away

I know i burned your house down and i smashed up your car

I know i spent your giro in the public bar

But all that didn't happen just by accident

I tried to light my fag i thought the match was spent

I borrowed a sledge hammer just to pound out the dents

Baby why do you treat me this way?

A knock came on the door while you were looking for work

The man who had the shotgun went completely berserk

I'm very glad you trained your little dog to attack

They perforated him while escaped out the back

I'm only phoning up to say i love you still

And i just can't believe that you have had your fill

You can't get rid of me because i'm too hard to kill

Baby why do you treat me this way?

I'm trying to make it up to you i'm gonna' put it right

To show there's no hard feelings i'm coming back tonight

I know you really love me, i don't care what you say

And anyway i'm coming back to stay

Well that's my final word i think i'll leave it at that

I know you miss your dog and so i'm bringing my cat

The place it looks a mess like it was hit by a bomb

We can't afford a daily so i'll bring round my mom

And she'll bring her equipment and she'll polish your floors

And she can bring my brother who can re-hang your doors

And all you'll have to do is cook a dinner for four

Baby why do you treat me this way?

Dr. Feelgood

Baby Why Do You Treat Me This Way / Dr. Feelgood

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