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Another Man

(wilko johnson)

I'm an easy going kind of man

I really am

But i can tell there's trouble close at hand

You know i can

Heard your name in town

You've been walking round

Acting like a clown

Then i'll understand

That you've got

Another man (8 x)

You can stay out anytime at night

Do what you like

Even come spoiling for a fight

But thats alright

I keep my cool before

But i just can't take no more

When i hear my best friend talking behind his hand

All about

Another man (8 x)

- guitar break -

I know you can rock me on the floor

Til i get sore

But just one of those little smiles of yours

And i want more

You got plenty of the things your daddy loves

But there's one thing that you've got that i just won't stand

I'm talking about

Another man (7 x)

Another man

Another man

Another man

Dr. Feelgood

Another Man / Dr. Feelgood

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