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 Dr. Dre Dr. Dreди-джей, основатель стиля G–Funk

Eazy Street


Now I'mma Break it down and tell a story

about a nigga in the wrong territory

Sharon and Shide is who he had to meet

he made a right turn down the wrong street

now whatta whatta whatta whatta pitty

a new jack in my muthafuckin' city

[Dr. Dre]

Compton that is

they say it's niggaz pimpin'

gangsta limpin'


But back back to the nitty gritty

bout this nigga slippin' in my fuckin' city

by the time that he realized that he fucked up

the stupid muthafucka got a foot in his ass

now this is how the story goes

don't you ever bring your ass

in my neiborhood fuckin' my hoes

cause they my hoes and I knows

when they've been fucked


"Who's ready to get up and do my thang!"

"Doin' it you know!"


now lets get the story about the bitches

and tell how this kid went from right to riches

now he's drivin' fancy cars gettin' bitches galore

he was a dirty little boy that I knew next door

[Dr. Dre impersonating Mack Romey]

Mack the muthafuckin' Romey

the one and only

my dicks to hard to be lonely


Now this muthafucka braggin' on how

he got all this and that and he got

all these bitches callin' him Big Daddy

ain't that a bitch how this muthafucka

get rich on my muthafuckin' street

thats supposed to be my god damn money

and this bastard is use to wear platform

shoes plad pants and nappy ass hat under

a fucked up hat now lets kick the story

about that


When the sun falls

and the shit falls down

so when people start comin' around

knockin' at the door sayin' we

Dr. Dre

Eazy Street / Dr. Dre

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