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100 Miles And Running

You don't really think you're gonna get away, do you?

We haven't spotted them yet -

But they're somewhere in the immediate vicinity.

A 100 Miles and Runnin'.

MC Ren, I hold the gun and

You want me to kill a mutherfucker and it's done in.

Since I'm stereotyped to kill and destruct -

Is one of the main reasons I don't give a fuck.

Chances are usually not good

'Cause I freeze with my hands on a hot hood.

And gettin' jacked by the you-know-who.

When in a black and white the capacity is two.

We're not alone, we're three more brothers, I mean street-brothers.

Now wearin' my dyes, 'cause I'm not stupid, mutherfuckers.

They're out to take our heads for what we said in the past.

Point blank - They can kizz my black azz.

I didn't stutter when I said ""Fuck Tha Police"".

'Cause it's hard for a nigga to get peace.

Now it's broken and can't be fixed.

'Cause police and little black niggers don't mix so

Now I'm creepin' through the fall.

Runnin' like a team. Well, see, I might have slayed y'all.

So for now pack the gun and

Hold it in the air.

'Cause MC Ren has a 100 Miles of Runnin'...

Into this news. Four fugitives are on the run.

FBI sources tell us that the four are headed

100 miles to their homebase, Compton.

Lend me a mutherfuckin' ear.

So I can tell you why...

Runnin' with my brothers, headed for the homebase.

With a steady pace on the face that just we raced.

The road ahead goes on and on.

The shit is gettin' longer than the mutherfuckin' marathon.

Runnin' on but never runnin' out.

Stayin' wired and if I get tired, I can still try out.


Dr. Dre

100 Miles And Running / Dr. Dre

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