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 Dr. Dre Dr. Dreди-джей, основатель стиля G–Funk

Bitches Aint Shit


Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks...

chorus: Snoop (2X)

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks

Lick on deez nutz and suck the dick

Get's the fuck out after you're done

And I hops in my ride to make a quick run...

Dr. Dre

I used to know a bitch named Eric Wright

We used to roll around and fuck the hoes at night

Tight than a mutharfucka with the gangsta beats

And we was ballin' on the muthafuckin' Compton streets

Peep, the shit got deep and it was on

Number 1 song after number 1 song

Long as my muthafuckin' pockets was fat

I didn't give a fuck where the bitch was at

But she was hangin' with a white bitch doin' the shit she do

Suckin' on his dick just to get a buck or 2

And the few ends she got didn't mean nothin'

Now she's suing cuz the shit she be doin' ain't shit

Bitch can't hang with the streets, she found herself short

So now she's takin' me to court

It's real conversation for your ass

So recognize and pass to Daz


Now as i'm rollin' with my nigga Dre and Eastwood

Fuckin' hoes, clockin' dough up to no good

We flip flop and serve hoes like flap jacks

(Snoop: But we don't love them hoes) Bitch, and it's like that

This is what you look for in a ho who got cash flow

Ya run up in them hoes and grab the cash

And get your dash on

While you're chillin', with your homies and shit

And how my niggaz kick the anthem like this




...To the store, to get me a 4-0

Snoop Doggy Dogg paged, that must mean more hoes

So I head down the street to long beach

Just so i could meet, a freak

To lick me from my head to my

Dr. Dre

Bitches Aint Shit / Dr. Dre

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