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 Dr. Dre Dr. Dreди-джей, основатель стиля G–Funk

Shittin on the World


Yes yes y'all, ooh funk....

Yes yes y'all, to the beat y'all

From the ol schizzy with the yes yizzy y'all

Ooh in come funk

Yes yes y'all, to the beat y'all

From the ol schizzy it's the yes yizzy y'all

Ooh notes come wrong

Verse 1:

Dre is chillin, Ruff is chillin

What more can I say? (Let's make a million)

M-E-L-Man, niggas call me Most

I be rockin on the East and the West Coast

Your mail go back like Emmitt Smith's hairline

With Jordache devils and Calvin Kleins

This shit be on my mind like O'Donnells interceptions

How would I look with Mike's complexion

Eat me, freak me, take your hand and leave me

All I wanna say is "I don't really give a fuck"

cos Most he be mega

Copped the Play Station but still play the Sega

and in the PJ's I DJ and blow amps

Bad as *?shrimp stampy?* with the food stamps

Huh, I'm not a stranger to danger

On the streets I be known as the jaw rearranger

Heavy with the metal, Mel-Man rule

White boys say it now "Cool, cool, cool!!!"

I bring the fizzy that's the obvious

I got a grip but the only clip I load be the floppy disk

In the SP or the MV, see three G

Ho's see me comin in 3-D

I spread Lizzy with ten mates

Hit the skins and I break out like an inmate

Hey yo, that's how it is and that's how I want it

This is my world and I'm shittin on it


(On the world) Shittin on it

(On the world) Shittin on the world

(Here me, yeah, shittin on the world)


Verse 2:

I warm it up like humidity

Mel, okay I'm here til infinity

My shit be outta...space with the Ewok

This is my planet but I never wear the Reebok-acapo

Dr. Dre

Shittin on the World / Dr. Dre

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