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The Dayz Of Wayback


Dr. Dre - The Dayz Of Wayback


What we gonna do right here is go back...

Now this is some shit thats from the Dayz of Wayback,

When niggas in Compton first started to jack.

When the bitches wouldnt give you no pussy if you wasnt sellin?drug,

So many bitches in my neighborhood got mugged.

They always loved that shit. They want a nigga thats sellin?Ks.

But nowadays they workin?at Mickey Ds.

But in the Dayz of Wayback

I couldnt be laid back,

Because I needed ends and I made that.

I get the nine from my nigga that he lend me and

Start robbin?muthafuckas, just like cowboys and indians.

Anything it took to get paid.

A nigga like Ren already had the plane made.

And I was in it to win it and not to lose.

And shit, it start blowin?up, once I lit the fuse.

And police couldnt touch me because I was payinem.

But not with no money - Yo, I was frayinem.

And never get caught because nobody is snitch,

But one hoe did - so Ren had to shoot the bitch!

Now shes in a coffin and my life is better off and

Cause everybody knows whos the bossin?

That black nigga that they call Ren.

You fuck with me, you gotta fuck with a Mac-10.

So listen to me as I reminisce the Dayz of Wayback...

So check it out yall...

It was once a time in the Dayz of Wayback

When niggas was gettin?jacked.

In fact it was one I used to pass through up,

And kickin?ass through up.

Muthafuckin?Compton Massacre...

Now let me tell you a little something about Compton

When I was a kid and puttin?my bid in.

Yo, Compton was like still water - just strictly calm.

Now its like muthafuckin?Vietnam.

Everybody killin? tryin?to make a killin?

Niggas stealin? muthafuckas willin?to dealin?

With so many ways to come up

The average nigga didnt give a fuck

About another muthafucka in this game and

Claimin?what he claimin?

Livin?like he livin?

Killin?after killin?

Murder was a dirty job. To rob a dead man

Was the best plan cause a dead man never ran.

But now your best friend is your worst friend.

Greed, cash the fee. Make a me more some of what you holdin?

So now your shit is stolen

And you and your niggas start rollin?

Yo, to get your shit back aint a word of.

Muff? Its more murder, more murder, more murder.

They wanna make you think that its a crack thang,

Or a black thang

Or some niggas in a muthafuckin?gang...

But guns and money they go together like the Ku Klux Klan

A nigga brung up and strung up.

Why do I call myself a nigga you ask me?

Rememberin?the days thats past me...

Yo, never givin?niggas a chance to rest.

The ghetto is like a fuckin?survival test.

And number one way for you to pass,

Yo, get treated like a king and theyll crown your ass.

They never in the wrong though,

So I made a song so

Muthafuckas had know

If, yo, livin situations make you wanna get a gat...

Thats cause you livin?in the Dayz of Wayback...

Dr. Dre

The Dayz Of Wayback / Dr. Dre

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