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 Dr. Dre Dr. Dreди-джей, основатель стиля G–Funk

Forgot About Dre (Video Version)

Dr. Dre:

Y'all know me

Still same ol' G

But I've been low key

Hated on by most these {niggas} with no cheese

No deals and no keys

No wheels and no G's

No boats, no snowmobiles and no skis

Mad at me cuz I can finally afford to provide my family with groceries

Got a crib full of studio when it's all full of tracks

To add to the wall full of plaques

Hangin up in the office in the back of my house like trophies

But y'all think I'ma let my dog freeze

{Ho} please

You better bow down on both knees

Who you think taught you to smoke {trees}?

Who you think brought you the oldies?

Eazy-E's, Ice Cube's and D.O.C.'s and Snoop D.O. Double G's

And the group that said {mother-Fuck} Tha Police

Gave you a tape full of dope beats

The bomb weed stroll through in your hood

And when your album sales it wasn't doin to good

Who's the doc that he told you to go see?

Y'all better listen up closely

All you {niggas} that said that I turned pop

Or the firm flop

Y'all are the reason that Dre ain't been gettin no sleep

So {fuck} y'all

All y'all

If y'all don't like me, {blow} me

Y'all gon' keep {fucking} around with me

And turn me back to the old me

Chorus: (Eminem)

Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say

But nothing come out when they move their lips

Just a buncha gibberish

And {motherfuckers} act like they forgot about Dre (x2)


So what do you say to somebody you hate?

Or anyone tryna bring trouble in your way

Wanna resolve things in a {bloodier} way?

Just study your tape of N.W.A.

One day I was walking by with a walkman on

When I caught a guy giving me an awkward eye

Dr. Dre

Forgot About Dre (Video Version) / Dr. Dre

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