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 Dr. Dre Dr. Dreди-джей, основатель стиля G–Funk

Blunt Time



(Blunt time-pull out your philly)Ha ha,mighty Aftermath

(Sip a glass of 'gnac,reload your nine milli)

Whose soul ever contest,DEAD!

In me ear Dre.You hear me now?DEAD!

(Blunt time-pull out your philly)

(Sip a glass of 'gnac,reload your nine milli)

Thought they were moving in and now they wanna cut us wrong

Room for moving in,but that was on-ly mine

They will shake the hand,never really seen and only heard

They will shake the hand,he is only to heard l-oo-oo-ng

Knick-knack,paddy wack give a dog a bone

Long Beach City I wreck is my zone

I be the solo rollo which means I rule alone

You droop first blood,mother thought you was the lone

Fool now break for ya two

It's called the ol'Rambo,catch ambush

I wish you wouldn't moosh like ya wanna come push

I'll dump ya and leave ya stankin in the forest you Gump

Long Beach City-firmly represented

Narrator X is representor

Lyrical the kick make me ya mentor

Freeze MCs,don't ent-or

I'll take like Anne Arden's new chips in wint-or

Or since I'm Sun I'll melt the metaphor

The meatphors are meltin,style is beltin

I heard a dog yelpin but no helpin


Blunt time-pull out your philly

Sip a glass of 'gnac,reload your nine milli

Dancin,puffin,sippin or set trippin

Dimes keep on flippin flippin


Dre's bad beats they Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat

X flex lyric they can't come back

Fact:El-elevant,elegant and eloquent no shit

I boots hits,throw tantrums like Ella Fitz

Nah,the member X but you'll remember X indeedy

Now remember don't contest the (?Frex?)

Got you in spot like Lindscrafter but you try to diss

I burn you like Backdrafter

After that you'll get nothing

Dr. Dre

Blunt Time / Dr. Dre

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