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Welfare Love

Hey baby

This the one Dr. Dooom

Still love you cause you ain't plastic

Makin them peanut butter sandwiches

Babies cryin runnin around with dirty diapers

The way you used to make the Kool Aid

with the weave all in your hair

Even some droppin down in my soup

I could excuse that..

It's Welfare Love section eight! (4X)

Girl we been through a lot

Every season I used to bug you out on the couch

For different reasons, you thought I was crazy

Catchin a Greyhound bus down South

Collectin lightning bugs and bring a dead mouse in the house

Holdin a fortune with a jar of termites

I used to blast the Delphonics in a glowing room with black lights

Colt 45 had me sportin a wig like Billy Dee

I was a Melle Mel fan, always bumpin Run-D.M.C.

We stuck together when one of my parakeets died

You broke down and cried, for the love of animals

I used to always cut the legs off a roach

See if he'll stay there on a piece of tissue

and give him a piece of toast

That morning, he would wake up and be gone

What, the insect had a ambulance?

As a little boy eatin ice cream in the cold project apartment

I used to see rats dance, my aunt used to lay down the poison

and say, "Y'all makin too much noise and.."

(Too much noise and.. oh, too much!)

It's Welfare Love, section eight! (4X)

Grabbing crackers out the 'fridgerator

I was a terrible masturbator

I was looking at Black Tail and Penthouse

since I was in a incubator

With Similak aimin my bottle at a fine nurse's ass-crack

It was a pleasure to collect ants

Havin em in my Billy the Kid pants

Allergic to chocolate, chewin Oreo's and I couldn't stop it

I remember the days when King Vitamin was in the supermarket

Kool-Aid was syrupy, my mom used to make it real slurpy

Don't believe in Santa Claus

They had a dope peacoat filled with mothballs

Lint everywhere, with UTZ chips livin deboinairre

Fly girls with onion rings on the staircase

I had Pro Keds with Lee suits

Always used to stare in your face

Take you on the roof, check out my pigeon coop

Dressed up like Dracula

Eatin a slice of pizza on your stoop

Neighbors knew I was a nerdy

On the Bronx streets I was 7:30

Girls you was infatuated with my quarter fill

(Hey baby, check this out)

It's Welfare Love, section eight! (4X)

Yeah.. it's welfare love

You look so beautiful baby.. welfare love

With your long hair.. welfare love

The way you got it DONE..

Sewed in.. welfare love

Babies walkin around cryin.. section eight, section eight

Food all over the floor..

The kitchen sink, messed up.. wel-fare love!

It's that old ghetto smell

in the house..

People comin over to bottow sugar

That's the way I like it

Cereal all over the floor

Welfare Love /

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