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You Live At Home With Your Mom

[dr. dooom]

Yeah.. new york city!

Dr. dooom pebblestone

I took the batmobile out last night

Went to tony rhome's.. and i seen..


{you were perpetratin, you was fake}

Chorus: repeat 4x

Spottin fools frontin fly, girls act material

{you live at home with your mom!}

[dr. dooom]

I spot mc's on bet with the fake zirconia bezel rolex

Lookin like virgin with the see-through back bought from

The indian kid off the rack -- sterling silver delivery

Y'all tryin to fool me actin bougie with the platinum wannabe

It look real, stainless steel appeal, that's not the presidential

Let's keep it confidential; you ordered that fuckin kit

In the ad in the source boss -- step up your rep up

In genuine fashion i caught your ass in;

With your name on the rented car lease

Feathered top hat, zoot suits with vinyl alligator boots

Extreme dream with no apartment space

You frontin in the fly ride and empty place

With your rent due on the first of the month

Your second month you exit, portrayin to girls

Like you everything in the world

Fuck master, prepare to face disaster as i pass ya

Movin galactica with no capacity

You ain't got enough to buy a small soda in johnny rocket's, b

Posin with baldhead black girls with a florida tan

Tryin to act like you the man

Starstruck with one buck, your girl look like donald duck

Party-figure perpetrator, undercover hater

Smell your cheap cologne in the elevator

Dope you smoke, half of y'all can't never touch the mink coat

With your four carat white gold you look like you're pantomiming

Tryin to rhyme off of unflexible facial bone structure

I crush ya, down to the paso

Like spicy foods burnin through your asshole

Remember i did the damage to your lasso

Then threw your pampers in a manhole; your engineer walked away

With ponytails like annie mae, laughin and talkin the other way

You was the first rapper to pull out grease

And turn your butt the other way

Your girl think you're tough, big buff and rough

{90 percent of these rappers are very soft}


[dr. dooom]

I look at your audience and fanbase

Nuttin but a bunch of men tappin each other on the back again

Fools with backpacks tryin to show me they asscrack

Cigarette lighters blowin smoke on my polo shirt

And you're bound to get hurt

With one leg, tryin to walk to work on the mic you rap hard

And overexert, material girls catch diarrhea

Won't make it to my concert

It don't have to be 4th of july for your rectum to see fireworks

While you buy clothes at ross sew in the weaves tryin to floss

Walkin in large resteraunts, orderin a small bowl of chicken broth

Water and napkins, you ain't tryin to be a captain

Put down this wack actin skills from movies

Send you to niko lobbies like a groupie

Stagefright out of sight cover your ass up

Prepare i pull my mask up

{watch your custom jewelry kid!}


{that's right kid, clean up your room}

{go clean up your room}

{clean your room otherwise you'll be on punishment}

{for two weeks}

You Live At Home With Your Mom /

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