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Awilla Willa Willa Hey

It's me mi are the run master

It's me galan galan galan it's me

Me are the dentist

It's me

Galan galan it's me

Me come from Nigeria

It's me galan galan

Mi live a Swe Sweden

Galan galan it's me

Kttbullar datta call meatball

Smrgas datta call sandwich

It's me

Awilla willa willa hey

It's me kpou kpa kpa it's me

It's me galan galan it's me

Galan galan

ABC is like 123

DEF is like 456

A say mi come from Nigeria

The island of the sun

A say we plant sugarcane

A say we eat a lot of thing

Anywhere we go the people say mi are the best

A say mi run London, a say we run New York

A say mi run Stockholm, a say mi run Moscow

It's me

Awilla Willa Willa Hey /

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