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Take em out

Gotta flex that skill,yup! As I watch them kill. Greed the

seed, it's called inequities: vanity, banking, ganking, justi-

fied. How many more will have to suffer? How many more will

have to die? Well, stop buying the lie! Bold beautiful crying

brown eyes. Technical superstate built on the means of hate.

Dominant symbolcorruption escalates. Can they distinguish life

from death? Should a dollar bill give a man a right to kill?

Hell no! Because life is priceless, this fight from the affer-

mative. Wicked brutal force of course justifying the means

death with no remorse. Covert operations above the law killing

for God, for countries, a fraud. Got to take 'em out! Violati-

on of human rights! For the life of the suffering. Symbol of

wickednedd. Post-dictatorship economic elite, starving chil-

dren bowing to their feet, smokescreen patriotism won't deny

the lie - can't cloud my soul vision. F.E.M.A., see you, got

you on sight. No law should cut constitutional rights. No one

more hopeless than those that think they are free, bounded

minds of this human machinery. What I am is what I am! Crying

to jah you know I am praying for payback. All truth will soon

come be in light. Federal judge, you know they got them on

check! Federal courts, you know they got them on check! Cen-

tral banking system, you know they got them on check! Federal

agent, you know you got them on check! Federal prison, you

know they got them on check! Population control, you know they

got it on check! Cry for life!! Gotta take 'em out.


Take em out / Downset

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