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Try to understand who I am my pops is an intelligent black man.

My mom's locked up in "s-i-b-l-brand" Damn!

It's like they're handing me planned positional placement,

inheritance parents mistaken left my soul aching,

hurting painful let downs are burning fire inside!

Fire inside's is what I got right!

Unjustified lies life died so I picked up a "mic", microphone the danger curse,

this earth's done got them tears dripping.

Lifetime of decline got me blind to the real sign,

running around helpless selfish direction less spiritual savior get me flexin' that will to live.

Horrifying! Horrifying!

Shot one! Shot one tell them how your soul fell!

Closet bigotry insecurity I see from the ones closest to me I see this disease,

complexion sways your mental direction, privilege culture subliminal racist,

stereotypical wak and mythical lies must go,

prejudging human beings that you are seeing,

millions of "Mark Fuhrmans" within my midst,

but flesh does not determine what is within.


Horrifying / Downset

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