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Ashes In Hand

Sex kills!

We will look into the eyes of the other and lie and say that we love them.

Then strip the innocence given and create destruction we will never truly comprehend.

The ultimate act of sharing is reduced to the ultimate act of taking.

Seconds of trembling flesh is not worth years of inner suffering.

Taken away!

Sex kills!

Do my eyes betray what I feel and see. Exploitation leads to the abondoned seed.

This is no sexual liberation we have accepted desecration.

And when they've taken! And taken!

Beyond hope and healing left alone with your feelings.

Your mourning will hav eno mercy. It will steal from so much more than your body.

Taken away! Sex kills!

I would rather seek the peace of self.

Then play the games that force the scars of lifelong insecurity.

Frightening desires for dominant position when all we should be doing is loving!

Taken away! Sex kills!

Sex is a weapon!


Ashes In Hand / Downset

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