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The walls are all surrounding

What's behind the paint?

I put up all my hangings,

But do they hide the stains?

All the pictures on the paper

Never changed the way I look inside

I'm surfacing to the light


Walls peeling around me

Crumbling, falling

Can't hold them up

Walls peeling around me

We're standing so proudly

Can't hold them up to Your light

The truth is now likening

The rich to the beggars

A name is just a name

When you're powerless and pained

And shalom's far away

See, the mighty walls will tremble

With nothing left to keep this front alive

Held up to the light



Walls all crumble around me

Tumbling, falling

Can't hold them up

As hard as I try

Walls, peeling around me

And you see through the proudest

And I can't hold them up to Your light

Held to the light

Walls /

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