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In America

Is it better not to look back or should we dust off our journals

Stare deep through the feedback for the new day

Like the distortion has things to say

Is it better to ignore it, that these bomb shelters are built of sand

Scoring themes from our views, making movies of tragic news

Does this helpless picnic have its own Neverland


America never hurts

They say America never cries

Like no one's lost in America

No one's lost in America

Listening to pink noise, we make mirrors out of shop windows

No one dares to pull the red card, conscience is scared by truths we'd discard

And now we've Arilius, but soon comes Decious,

and perhaps Constantine is a devil

Keen on making things easy


Come alive, come alive

The prophet's cello's silenced, if love burns us down to violence

If the whims of the nations cater elation will we not need a soul to blame?

He has to take it all alone

Is His move political, a play for the people? No

He takes one for the little guy

He takes a hit for the little guy

They say America never hurts

They say America never cries,

Like no one's lonely in America

Like no one's lonely in America

In America /

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