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all around the world I've seen the right wing on the streets * boots and

braces or three piece suits * it's all the same to me * fists and fury

sound street frustration * in every nation commerce calls the tune * take a

left turn for inspiration * there's just a few more smiles * but all you

see is blue suits and red ties on both sides of the aisle * the left said

things were gonna change now * things were gonna be so much better * hah *

and like leaves from an autumn sky * the promises keep falling * every

young man needs a reason * to fight for glory not for treason * don't blink,

you'll miss your calling * can you hear it? well they all sound the same

* and then they say you're going to fall in line and march in time with me

* well in so many minds, black and whites words read red white and blue *

top gun dreams in stars and stripes, where promises come true * but what

you see is what you get * and what I see is more of the same * who's gonna

lead you now?


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