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well I wish every day was a Friday night * with a long weekend straight

ahead * and we all lived in shining castles * and there was no such word as

dead * but reality's harsh and we're all going to die * no one's come back

lately to tell us otherwise * so grin and bear it and enjoy what you can *

because too many castles are built out of sand * and there's never enough to

go around anyway * I'm far and away * you spend so many nights wishing on a

star * til a cold wind reminds you that you're just right where you are *

you try to avoid it, focus on what's real * but when the dollar is king,

it's hard not to kneel * and we all live life wanting more and more *

everyone's a player and everyone keeps score * and television with one-way

vision * shows you all the things that you haven't got * I'm far and away

* you can't sound the retreat * when it's out in the street * it's all around

you, it's everywhere you go


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