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Little Red Rented Rowboat


Little red rented rowboat little red rented rowboat

Not much better than no boat

But at least it will go when I row row row at least it will go when I row

I saw two pretty girls sunbathing on a pier

They wore jeans way down to here

I waved, they waved, they said they'd like a ride

So I helped them climb inside to share my


(row row row row row)

Along came a sailboat big enough for two

The skipper saw the girls I knew what he would do

He waved, and they waved, then he helped them inside

Just one girl to ride there in my


(row row row row row)

Hot-rod motorboat roared up behind

The girl took a look and I could read her mind

She waved, and he waved, he helped her climb inside

Leaving me with wounded pride

(row row row row row)

One hour later I saw them again

Motorboat out of gas, sailboat out of wind

The girls waved, and I waved, and then I passed them by

With my nose held way up high me and my


(fade while repeating row row row your boat

Little Red Rented Rowboat /

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