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The Show


D = Doug E Fresh

R = MC Ricky D (aka Slick Rick)

B = Both

G = Get Fresh Crew


Ladies and Gentleman...the most exciting stage show you've ever

witnessed...appearing live...Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew.

Verse 1

R: Excuse me Doug E Fresh...

D: Yes!

R: Have you ever seen a show with fellas on the mic

with one minute rhymes that don't come out right

They bite

D: They never write

R: That's not polite. Am I lyin'?

D: No, you're quite right

R: Well tonight on this very mic you're about to hear

B: We swear, the best darn rappers of the year

R: So!

D: So!

R: Cheerio!

D: Yell...

R: Scream...

B: Bravo! Also, if you didn't know this is called The Show

Verse 2

R: A-yo, Doug

D: What?

R: Put ya Bally's on

D: Yo, Rick, I was about to but I need a shoehorn

R: Why?

D: Because these shoes always hurt my corns

R: Six minutes...six minutes...six minutes Doug E Fresh, you're on

Uh uh on, Uh uh on, Uh uh-uh uh-uh uh uh on

Uh uh on, Uh uh on, Uh uh-uh uh-uh uh uh on

Ooh ooh ooh, uh uh on

D: Here we go...

G: Here we go...

D: Come on...

G: Come on...

D: A-here we go...

G: Here we go...

D: Come on...

G: Come on...

D: Yo! Where's Will and Barr?

R: Well I don't know, they're late

Told em them the time...oh, I forgot the date

D: Man you did it again, oh no!

G: No, here we go, come on

Here we go, come on

Here we go, did we miss the show?

D: Nuh, nuh na nana no we didn't

R: Word

D: Nuh nana nana nana, no we didn't

R: W-w-w-Word

D: No we didn't

R: Well don't get us wrong

'Scuse me Doug E, 'Scuse me Doug E,

'Scuse me Doug E Fresh, you're on

Uh uh on...

Verse 3

D: Well it started up on 8th Avenue

When I made up the name called the...

G: Get Fresh Crew!

D: It was me, my two DJ's Chill Will and Barry B

and my right hand man Ricky D

I used to rap and sing, makes sounds and things

And for example, here's a telephone ring...

R: Hello? Is Doug E Fresh in?

D: No, he's not in right now

D: But anyway, no more delay

Just check out the new style I display

Now ya gotta be (fresh)

To rock with (fresh)

And I'm D.O.U.G.I.E (fresh)

And I'm known for the... [fx: Doug E style beatbox]

Not for the... [fx: Fat Boys style beatbox]

The human beatbox or the entertainer

No other title could fit me plainer

In a passing generation I am a remainer

And I'm also known as the beatbox trainer

Cashin' checks, make sound FX

And after I finish rockin' Slick Rick is on next

R: Ya know it

D: Slick Rick...

R: Well, here's a little somethin' that needs to be heard

Doug, I was goin' Downtown

D: Word Rick?

R: Word

D: Sure

R: All alone, no-one to be with

Stepped on the D-train at 205th

I saw a pretty girl

D: So?

R: So I sat beside her

Then she went [fx: roar] like she was Tony the Tiger

I said, oh no, there's been a mistake

Honey, my name's Slick Rick not Frostie Flakes

D: Oh, golly wally

R: She was raisin' hell

She said, oh my name is Maggie but call me Michelle

Michelle, ma belle

Sont les mots qui vont, tres bien ensemble

Tres bien ensemble

Bust a move, we show and prove

A-yo Doug, do that record Jam on the Groove


D: As you can see, most definitely

We are (fresh)

Chill Will (fresh)

Barry B is (fresh)

Ricky D is (fresh)

And I am, the Original Human Beatbox

The Entertainer, Doug E.... (Fresh

The Show /

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