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Guess Who

Ayy!!Rhymin' is a skill that I perfected

And all around the world I'm nuch respected

For all the "dope" beats that's been selected

You tape them on your tape and then eject it

From your box and run down the block

Now the whole neighborhood's in a state os shock

Feel electricity you wonder who's he?

The rhymes seems to change and it varys

In different forms and different sizes

It paralyzes and energizes

And it surprises me I thought you knew

You don't know who it is Guess?Who?

I take time and patience,public relations

Stand and scan the demand in the nation

With expertise and a new release

Make another well known rapper seem deceased

And keep him under

Make him wonder

Nine to five and if he don't survive

That's just another brother that's been buried alive

'Cause time is money

Money is time

And I got just enough time to say my rhymes

And connect each phrase,keep a crowd in amazement

I wear a suit to important engagements

Turn the whole house out,rock the old and the young

Record at Daily Planet and mix a Chung...King

And any song taht you heard me sing

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got swing

And it surprises me,I thought you knew

You don't know who it is?....GUESS?WHO?

(Cuts)Doug E. (repeat)

Movin' and groovin' to music that's smoothin'

It's been proven by us

Biters rust,girlies lust,rappers are crazy fussed

Mandatory,definite no question,a must

Keep goin'time,keeps goin', the truth is glowin'

Everybody knows inside

Who makes the world dance,world wide!

Do the Doug E. Fresh Groove or the James Brown Slide

Or the Benetton,we could go on and on

'Till the song is gone or just groove off the 808 Bong

Or take it higher,inside fire,starts to perspire

There's no time to tire

Or max

Try to relax

How could you whip me on the mike?

Chill Will and Barry Bee is on the wax

Cuttin' it up as sharp as an axe.....Like this....

(cuts)Cut Professor,Chill Will (repeat)

Lesson in dressin' some rappers be guessin'

Short changin' you,it's so depressin'

Transgression,Hip Hop session

All we use is spirit,heart and a whole lot of flesh and bone

All rhymes my own

Kickin' it wicked on the microphone

Solo,hollow,Hip Hop desperato

Don't play me homeboy,play Lotto

Keep the party flowin' as time pass by

And some ask the question,Why?

Will I do it,run right through it

Those that know me,they already knew

It was dope,before I did it

Left an impression,how can you forget it?

The Greatest Entertainer that's my name-a

Flakin' and breakin' on the stage is my game

Rock the whole house 'til the party is through

I won't ask who 'cause now you know who!

(cuts)Doug E.,Doug E.,Doug E.Fresh (repeat to the end

Guess Who /

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