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Everybody Loves a Star


Everybody loves a star

1 2 3 4 5 Chill Will and Barry Bee make the crowd come alive

And check out the science I'm about to droop because....

I'm like a lion

From Mount Zion

Upon the hill move closer

Feels like a roller coaster

With a thrill just drooping

And never stopping

Until it reach every Hip Hopper

Or Bee Bopper in the streets

A man of mission


Fun and action

And Get Fresh

Won't rest

Until the job is done


Now I've seem stars in all different forms

Some are ambitious and love to perform,alot

Some drive up and down the block

Like a big shot

And hey,Why not?

'Cause the girlies are with it

And look at you as a Czar in a car

A neighborhood super star

Romeo for thou

There you are

Just driving and ruling

Learning back,cooling

Growing and showin and knowin

Girlies be droolin

About you and

Not about to about face

Can't leave your place

Got your whole neighborhood lost in space

You destroyed your community

Killed your unity

Smashed all dreams,hopes and opportunities

You know what?I'm not mad at you

You just doin' what you seen the next man do

Now every kid on the block

Is huggin on your jock

And you frontin like you a really real hard rock

Soft as a pebble

Working hard for the devil

But you and the devil are on a whole different level

You got a chance to grow

'Cause you know

That the man who made "All the way to heaven" and " The Show"

Is coming extra firm and full of determination

Collaboration of a new creation

Giving you,the insensitive of who you are and remember


Here's a real short story of a girl I knew

Who was very close friends of the Get Fresh Crew

She was livin' col' wrong

Hung out all night long

That's why I had to mention her in this song

She had a real nice shape

Got high as an escape

And just loved to hear a DEF hip-hop tape

Of the latest,greatest MC clones

And the name right now I'm gonna leave unknown

But she was too quick

Too slick and trick

But was a sure vick

For many men who was out to stick

And caress her body

Him and everybody young and dumb

And was a stone cold hotty

Workin' 9 to 5 right on the Ave

For what she have

And not need

Need and not have

And when I drive by

She always say " Hi"

And I'm not that fly

That I can't reply back

Even though

I know she's not up to par

Everybody loves a star

Everybody Loves a Star /

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