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Gilbert and Sullivan 1

I don't know much about ART but I can tell you this

Duchamps's Urinal is a piece of piss

Van Gogh cut off his ear to spite his face (So What)

Me, I've got a message for the whole human race

I want to be a phallic symbol like the Tower of Pisa

And wipe the smile off smile off the face of that bitch, the Mona Lisa

I'll date Botticelli's Venus, just to tease her

But unless you're hung like a Jackson Pollock

You couldn't please her!

Funk you and funk your mother

Funk your sister, funk your auntie

And funk your little brother

When you've learnt how to funk one another

Don't leave that groovy thing on the shelf

Go home to the one you love and

Funk yourself

As Gallileo said,

Gilbert and Sullivan 1 /

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