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Moral Dilemmas. Just answer these questions in your own minds and in =


own hearts. Most importantly, answer these questions honestly.

1.Youre walking along a country road. Its a beautiful spring day. =

As you

walk along, you notice that up ahead in the distance, lying in the =

middle of

the road in the dirt, is a tiny baby sparrow. Both its wings are broken.

You have....a hammer.

2.Youre a medical student in your final year of study. Its a very =


important year for you. Because of the economic climate, youve been =


to live with your grandmother. Shes a tattoo artist - with =


disease. Every time she makes you a cup of coffee she shakes so much it

froths up the milk on top, which is something you cant fucking stand.

You have....a hammer.

3.Youre a young and upwardly mobile merchant banker. Your girlfriend =


just fallen pregnant. You think a child at this point in your career =


be detrimental to your future career prospects.

You have....a coathanger.

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