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Worlds Best Kisser

I'm wet and I'm moist,

So come on let's rejoice,

In the birds, the bees, the fillies and the colts,

And the fact that we are all young adults.

And lie back on your couch,

After this there'll be no doubt.

I don't care if you're a Miss or a Missus,

You done been squelched by the World's best kissers.

Ho, ho, sit up straight and pout,

I'll suck your face until I pull your molars out.

A tongue so grand you'll call me more than friend,

One kiss from this and you'll never brush your teeth again.

(And you know it's true, mate!)

Well go back to your husband now,

Tell him you done broke your vow.

Stand proud and say

Worlds Best Kisser /

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