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Platinum Blonde Life

I'm closing all the curtains

So don't you even bother

And I'm calling out the murder

But I'm underneath the covers

But who's fooling who

With this mood like a train

Watch me roll over

Get out of my way


There's a knock on my door

But I'm not gonna open it

I'm gonna close my eyes

And maybe it will go away

I want a platinum blonde life

So I keep bleaching out the colors

I try to do what I oughta

But never drink enough water

Where did my lover go?

I really wish he could stay

I feel it's empty as a widow

I'm gonna sleep it all away

[Repeat chorus]

I'm gonna sleep all trough the day

I'm gonna asleep my life away

I'm gonna sleep all through the day

I'm gonna sleep myself away

I'm gonna close my eyes and maybe it'll go away

[Repeat chorus]

I'm gonna close my eyes and maybe it will go away

Platinum Blonde Life /

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