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Paulina demo

E. Stefani)

Paulina - she's on the cover of a magazine

Paulina - a woman in my nightly dreams

Paulina - who dresses up in fancy clothes

Paulina - she'll get you hot in any pose

I said Paulina - no other girl could take her place

Paulina - with such a perfect body, mind and face

Paulina - no other girl could ever do

Paulina - I'm saving all my sweat for you

Paulina - I stare at her pictures all day long

Paulina - oh boy she really turns me on

Paulina - with such tender slender Godly skin

Paulina - I would love to take her for a spin

Because then she'd get in my car

She'd rev my engine up and we'd go real far

Paulina - her body's like a sacred shrine

Paulina - I worship it all of the time

Paulina - I'd take her out to see a flick

Paulina - and tell eveyone that she's my chick

Yeah oh oh oh oh

Paulina demo /

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