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End it On this

You see in the past I had a dream

A fantasy

I thought that we would last

Become a little family

Then one, two, three, four

The years were flying by

They soared

And it's my gut feeling

It's not happening for me, so...

Let's end it on this

Give me one last kiss

Let's end it on this

Let's end it on this

You see it's hard to face

The addict that's inside of me

I want to fill my glass up

WIth you constantly

I've been here before

But I've never ever felt this sure

And now I know I've been dreaming

And your actions

Have inspired me, so...


I open up, you ignore me

You're not the same at all

And if I could turn back

The pages of time

I'd rewrite your point of view

Washed up on the shore

Given one last chance

To try some more

But I'm tired, I'm freezing

Let's stop and call it history

End it On this /

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