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I've got a reputation

I'm the man of steel with international appeal

And I'm on the way

A megaton of power

I'm a sight to see and as erect as can be

Turn me on today

Your heart is spinning out of control

You can't tell one road from another, but you will recover

Don't forget you're part of the whole

It took a year or two to get it, still you won't regret it

I've got no reservations

When I'm up to speed and if you're ever in need

Put me on the floor

I'm a vinyl album

When the needle comes down, get the hell out of town

'Cause I'm in stereo

Rock and roll is doing you proud

To the beaten generation, vibes across the nation

Feel the groove and turn it up loud

Let's dance on until the morning, then you hear the warning

Happiness is bringing you down

Step in time with all the masses, here's your sunglasses

Try to bring your government down

When it comes down to tomorrow, deal with all the sorrow

I'm an hallucination

When you're coming down, get the hell out of town

Take a holiday

I'm a supersonic neutron

I'm on gasoline, solar power and steam

Shoot me into space


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