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Slipshod and bound for the Underground

On a search and find for the one-track mind

We take any chance, we sing and we dance for free love

Carrying on seems to take so long

And you're losing track, never looking back

Without knowing why, we beg and we cry for free love

I'm a failure, but I'm not blind

I won't make a bet 'cause it's all I can get is

Free love

Moving ahead, you're a king instead

Of that losing bore that you've been before

You're back in control, the heart and the soul of free love

Toeing the line and it feels so fine

As you dine and dance in your cheap romance

You won't be the same, what else could you blame but free love

When it crumbles you start again

It's the reason we're here, so don't dare interfere with

Free love

No one else understands this race you're compelled to run

You're the only one

They could get into your concept, given time...

And when you're broken, it goes to show

That it still doesn't pay 'till you give it away

Give it away, give away your free love...


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