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From the meadow they're sweeping grass in the room of the gardener

There's so much he misses, the hugs and the kisses of

The children who walk down the lane

Their mothers and fathers will all gather round

For communion passed down the daisy chain

It's such an amazing day

What did your mama say

Do you think you can come out and play

The night's still young

The homecoming queen hits the town, don't you think she's a vision

She makes her decision with little opposition and

She won't be waiting too long

The boys in the band know her well, hear them playing

The sweetest and saddest of songs


Oh the apparition of a rainy day dreaming down

The saddest face of a clown caught in the clouds

(Serves him right for spreading his tears around)

I love you... I beg you... You better not let me down

So put on your evening gown, let me fill you with laughter

Now the beggars and borrowers scour the town for provisions

You can hear their laughter when they find what their after

As the schoolbell calls it a day

The shopkeeper wipes every tear away

As he lays his old friend the gardener to rest and

It's such an amazing day...


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