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 Доро Доропевица

The Fortuneteller

I never got into magic - but the magic got into me.

I'd been tangled up in love, but afraid of being free.

Men... I don't understand them:

They take you for all you got

And leave you howling at the moon

And thinking of... I don't know what...

Yeah I do... thinking of that man...

Is he alone? Is he thinking of me?

Does he still love me?

I needed some answers - deep answers

So there I was, on the side of town where the beggars sleep..

It was late - real late.

But I knew she'd be open - gypsies love the night.

I heard that from a friend who once knew one.

Sure enough, her light was on and her door was cracked;

The smell of incense made the night air cry out in desperation.

But I didn't care, I was looking for revelation,

So I walked in, and made my way through a curtain of beads.

There must have been ten thousand candles - but only one was lit.

I put some money on the table

And she reached for a deck of cards and said: "Sit."

She told me to look in her eyes..

I did... but I also kept my eye on that deck

She gazed at a card... and then she said:

"I can see that you don't really want to know

What your future holds, as you travel down the road:

You'd rather believe that dreams do come true,

Than to find out they can lie to you..."

She picked the money up from the table, and stuffed it in her blouse.

I said: "Wait a minute - I was expecting a little bit more than that"

She said: "What do you want me to do? - Turn myself into a cat?

I could, you know" - and I believed her...

Everything got deadly quiet...

Man, I was scared - but I didn't show it.

Then she broke the silence... "Why are your palms sweating, c


The Fortuneteller / Доро

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