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The Waiting Game

The thunder rumbles on again

Same weather, same day

I don't expect your sympathy, 'friend'

I'm goin' to hell anyway

The patchwork essence of life is apparent

My actions seem fickle and transparent

Thrown to the dogs once more

My open heart begins to pour


Why can't I just love you?

Why the shackles and the noose?

The lock, is it unbreakable?

I want so bad to be cut loose

What it is that keeps me here, I honestly don't know

I can't help but think of you

I want so bad to hold you tight, to never let you go

Maybe someday I'll break through


Watching from a distance is the toughest route to take

Is my mind clear?Was it ever?

With stupidity and interference, my feelings may seem fake

I want to feel this way forever

The Waiting Game /

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