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Дорис Дей Дорис ДейАмериканская киноактриса и поющая звезда 50-х и начала 60-х годов

Move Over Darling


Doris Day and Buddy Clark

My darling, my darling

I've wanted to call you my darling

For many and many a day.

My darling, my darling,

I've fluttered and fled like a sparkling

My courage just melted away.

Then, all at once, you kissed me.

And there's not a thing I'm sane enough to say except

My darling, my darling

Get used to that name of my darling.

It's here to stay.

From: NancyRee@aol.com

Дорис Дей

Move Over Darling / Дорис Дей

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