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Дорис Дей Дорис ДейАмериканская киноактриса и поющая звезда 50-х и начала 60-х годов

Makin Whoopee

Everytime I hear that march from ?...Lowingrin...?

I am always on the outside lookin' in

Maybe that is why I see the funny side

When I see somebody's brother take a bride

Weddings make a lot of people sa-ad

But if it isn't you they're not so bad

Another bride, another June

Another sunny honeymoon

Another season, another reason

For makin' whoopee

A lot o' shoes, a lot o' rice

The groom is nervous, he answers twice

It's really killing, that he's so willing

To make whoopee

Picture a little love nest

Down where the roses cling

Picture the same sweet love nest

Think what a year can bring

He's washin' dishes and baby clothes

He's so ambitious he even sews

But don't forget folks

That's what you get folks

For makin' whoopee

Down through the countless ages

You'll find it everywhere

Somebody makes good wages

Somebody wants her share

She calls him Toodles and rolls her eyes

She makes him strudles and bakes him pies

What is it all for

Just so he'll fall for

Makin' whoopee

Дорис Дей

Makin Whoopee / Дорис Дей

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