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Дорис Дей Дорис ДейАмериканская киноактриса и поющая звезда 50-х и начала 60-х годов

Once In A While

Once In A While

Tommy Dorsey

Written by Michael Edwards and Bud Green

Peaked at # 1 for 7 weeks in 1937

Competing version charted by Horace Heidt (#2)

Charted again in 1938 by Louis Armstrong (# 15)

Charted again in 1952 by Doris Day (#9)

Charted in 1961 as "Once In Awhile" by The Chimes at #11

Once in a while will you try to give one little thought to me

Though someone else maybe nearer your heart

Once in a while will you dream of the moments I shared with you,

Moments before we two drifted apart.

In love's smoldering ember, one spark may remain,

If love still can remember the spark may burn again.

I know that I'll be contented with yesterday's memory,

Knowing you think of me once in a while.

Дорис Дей

Once In A While / Дорис Дей

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