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Texas Radio And The Big Beat

I wanna tell you about texas radio and the big beat

Comes out of the virginia swamps

Cool and slow with a back beat

Narrow and hard to master

Some call it heavenly in it's brilliance

Others, mean and ruthful of the western dream

I love the friends i have gathered together on this thin raft

We've constructed pyramids in honor of our escaping

This is the land where the pharaoh died


The river contains specimens

The voices of singing women

Call us on the far shore

And they are saying

"forget the night

Live with us in forests of azure"

Meager food for souls forgot

I tell you this;

No eternal reward will

Forgive us now for

Wasting the dawn

One morning you awoke

And the strange sun

And opening your door...


Texas Radio And The Big Beat / Doors

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